Our Partners and Collaborators

Located at Clemson University, we work in conjunction with highly credentialed and experienced national teams that include the following:

  • National Advisory Committee that provides vital insight on Center activities; and
  • Association Partners who help conduct Center activities and encourage stakeholders to learn about and use proven dropout prevention methods.

The Center also draws upon expertise from our collaborators including: The What Works Synthesis Center, The National Center for Secondary Education and Transition, The What Works Clearinghouse, the Part B Exiting Community of Practice, and other OSEP supported Technical Assistance and Dissemination (TA& D) centers. We also work closely with our Contracting Office's Representative at OSEP, Dr. Selete Avoke.

Educational Develempent Center

Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC), as a major partner of NDPC-SD, is integrally involved in supporting the project goals through communication, dissemination, and technical-assistance activities. The Center also engages in various partnerships with other organizations to address specific tasks related to its mission. Finally, OSEP acts as a partner in supporting Center activities from a governance perspective.