Practice Guides

Building upon the foundation of The Effects of Cognitive Behavioral Interventions on Dropout for Youth with Disabilities, NDPC-SD developed Cognitive behavioral interventions: An effective approach to help students with disabilities stay in school. This publication is a practice guide that provides educators with basic information and strategies for implementing cognitive-behavioral interventions in the classroom.

Collecting Post-School Outcome Data: Strategies for Increasing Response Rates is a practice guide prepared in partnership with the National Post-School Outcomes Center (NPSO) at the University of Oregon. In this document, Drs. Sandra Covington Smith and Loujeania Williams Bost from NDPC-SD provide an overview of the IDEA requirements for collecting post-school outcome data, the challenges faced by states in collecting these data, and some recommended strategies from the literature as well as from state and local practice for securing sufficient response rates, especially from youth who have dropped out of school.