Resources for State Education Agencies (SEAs)

NDPC-SD has developed a set of Excel-based data tools to help districts and schools organize, examine, analyze, and share their data that impact graduation and dropout rates. These tools can support a school team’s work carrying out a root cause analysis of the factors that impact school completion rates. They also can inform the development and evaluation of a local intervention plan. This webinar provides a brief introduction to the tools and descriptions of their respective purposes. For additional information, please contact Matthew Klare at NDPC-SD (

Spotlight Brief about Georgia's GraduateFirst Program

The Regional Resource Center Program's (RRCP) Student Performance and Achievement (SPA) Priority Team has developed an informational brief that addresses the state of Georgia's GraduateFirst program. The brief chronicles the program's development and provides an overview of its key components. The brief also describes NDPC-SD's Dropout Prevention Intervention Framework and discusses the role the Center played in shaping Georgia's statewide initiative.

The SPA Spotlight Briefs are generated by a group of Technical Assistance and Dissemination (TA&D) Network collaborators, coordinated through the SPA Priority Team of the RRCP. The briefs highlight selected promising state and local-level practices that have been shown to impact OSEP Part B Indicators 1 and 2 (Graduation and Dropout Rates), 3 (Statewide Assessment), 13, and 14 (Secondary Transition and Post-School Outcomes).